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        Weihai guheng construction machinery co., ltd. is located in the east of jiaodong peninsula beautiful coastal city - weihai city wendeng district. Founded in 1978 at the beginning of the reform and opening up, the enterprise is one of the earlier manufacturers of tower cranes in shandong province. In the spirit of "people-oriented, pioneering and innovative" business philosophy, by virtue of excellent personnel, rich experience, advanced equipment, scientific management, constantly strong quality, image shaping. Now, the company has established a research and production consortium with many universities and construction machinery research institutes, so that the upgrading and improvement of products are in the forefront of the industry. Now the main production tower crane, construction elevator, beam pumping unit, engineering drilling rig, wind measuring tower, brake materials, centrifugal dehydrator and so on.

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        Tower crane, moving arm tower crane, flat head tower crane, super tonnage tower crane, electric tower crane, fast loading tower crane, walking tower crane, climbing tower crane, mini tower crane, roof crane, spider tower construction hoist

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        Weihai guheng construction machinery co. LTD

        Address: puji, weihai city, shandong province

        Sales hotline: 13863153685 (general manager wang)

        Sales hotline: 86-631-8844968

        Fax: 86-631-8846789

        QQ: 513079487


        Website: www.daqingshengli.com

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